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  • Anonymous that german woman comments;

    *yawns.. what a boring blog O_O
    7:14 pm  

  • Anonymous that german woman again comments;

    It´s still boring ! >_<
    10:04 pm  

  • Anonymous you know who i am comments;

    thanx for ignoring me *.* bah
    8:27 pm  

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Fantasy Football

In light of the world cup, i've decided to take things a step further and enlist myself in Fantasy Football!

With 100.0 ( something) to spend, this is the team!

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  • Anonymous Mary comments;

    Ehsyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy - Because you told me - I joined the fantasy football thingy majigy and im guessing that it doesn't kick off until the World Cup starts, so fingers crossed my team whips ur teams ass!! Let the games begin!
    10:06 pm  

  • Blogger Vinco of Stilus comments;

    You do realise i won last year and came in 6th place overall out of thousands across the nation :p

    Im sure to kick your lil butt! muha hua hua!
    12:57 am  

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Lord of the Oil .. a sneaky "peak"!

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  • Anonymous Mary comments;

    Does that make Tony Blair Smeagle...? The filty run around! My preccccciiiooooouuuuussssss
    10:24 pm  

  • Blogger Vinco of Stilus comments;

    Lol i think he would be saying something like:

    "Well .. my precious, the the the labour government does indeed try its best to increase its popularity but shmeaagol wants to do it by killing masters innocentssss"
    12:54 am  

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Ministry of Xen Hall of Fame
They say you can tell a lot about a person from the films they like, and so with that in mind heres my top 15 of modern times!:

15. The Bourne Identity

Matt Damon fan I am not, but here the narrative and action sequences are brilliantly interwoven and therefore enter the Ministry of Xen Hall of Fame

14. The Terminator

Saw this when I was a child, and remains one of the all time great classic films of the 80s!

13. Once Upon a Time in China

Jet Li stars in this rendition of the Wong Fei Hung era of China's occupancy by the British Colonial Forces. Although the martial arts sequences are not totally spectacular, the lifestyle and rendition is accurate making this an inspiring film.

12. The Trumen Show

A heart warming performance by Jim Carrey, charismatic just like moi! :p

11. The Last Samurai

For the first time I can recall I was impressed by Cruise' performance in this excellent war film.

And now for the top 10

10. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

The second of three Carrey films in this list! The classic in comedy cookieness

9. Drive

Appeared on Channel 4 a few times, Mark Dacascos and Kadeem Hardison star in this energetic action pumped martial arts film. The cheesy gadgets and crappy special effects make this a film right up my street. It must be noted that the DVD features the funniest audio commentary to date.

8. The Prodigal Son

Starring Yuen Biao , Sammo Hung and the infamous Ching Ying Lam as the master Leung Yee Tai the founder of Wing Tsun! Me being a Wing Tsun student naturally found this to be an awesome film. But even without the martial arts aspects, this is a good watch time and time again.

7. Infernal Affairs

Set in modern day Hong Kong, its the classic tale of a cop infiltrating the drug criminals and a mole in the police in a tale of 2 men loosing their identity. New Wave Styliee and with 23 awards it bloody better be!

6. The Terminal

Tom Hanks film of being trapped at an airport. This film was slated by most audience, and I have to admit it is a little difficult to acknowledge Hanks in a russian accent, but he manages to pull it off, enabling a beautifully executed storyline and cinematography.

5. Ocean's Eleven

This is the first clooney film I had watched that I sat through from beginning to end. If you havent seen this film your missing out big time.

4. Man on the Moon

The highest Jim Carrey entry in the Hall of Fame. Not everyones cup of tea due to the level of humour involved and some may see it as a waste of space. But I see a lot of the avant-garde humour of Andy Kauffman in me!

3. Chungking Express

Saw this film in media studies at College, and felt it was just a superb Hong Kong new wave film about 2 cops ( again) but in a love triangle with a criminal! Count the amount of pineapple chunks consumed in the film for those of you who find it boring

2. Hotel Rwanda

A superb film that hits every sensitive emotion in the body.

And now, for the final number one Hall of Famer...goes to.......................

1. Shaun of the Dead

May be quite a recent film but I live on it! Ive watched this film many many times over. An excellent blend of British comedy mixed with true emotions.The abismal life of Shaun accumulates nothing more than someones pubic hair, and tries to smoothe things over with his girlfriend by doing things other than going to the Winchester. His best pal Ed just makes the film complete through his twattyness and oafish behaviour. Perrrfick

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Guess whos back?!
Thats right.. The Transformers!!!! For those of you die hard Optimus Prime or in my case Megatron fans, their due to hit the big screen in 2007 during the summer! According to some reliable sources, which unfortunately I cant disclose, the graphics will be similiar to the Citroen Advert.. WOW.

Hasbro's site has just issued a firm-sounding release date of the new Transformers Movie. They write:


The live-action “Transformers” movie has been set to open nationwide on 07-04-07, it was jointly announced today by DreamWorks Pictures, Hasbro, Inc. (NYSE: HAS), and Paramount Pictures.

The feature, based on the globally popular Transformers franchise, will be directed by Michael Bay (upcoming “The Island,” “Armageddon”) from a screenplay being written by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (upcoming “The Island”). Steven Spielberg (“War of the Worlds”) is executive producing the film, with Lorenzo di Bonaventura (upcoming “Four Brothers”), Tom DeSanto (“X-Men” and “X2: X-Men United”) and Don Murphy (“The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”) serving as co-executive producers.

In making the announcement, DreamWorks head of distribution Jim Tharp stated, “Under the direction of Michael Bay, and with Steven Spielberg executive producing, we know that ‘Transformers’ is going to be the kind of explosive action movie that is perfect for the height of the summer movie season. By staking our claim on the 4th of July, 2007, we ensure that we not only have the time to make this movie the way it should be made, but also to build excitement and awareness leading up to its release.”

“Fans around the world have wanted a Transformers live-action movie for a long time and we are thrilled to work with DreamWorks and Paramount to bring this legendary saga to life on the big screen,” said Brian Goldner, President of Hasbro’s U.S. Toy segment. “With some of the entertainment industry’s best talent on board for this film, fans will experience Transformers in a way that is incredibly powerful.”
DreamWorks will distribute the film domestically, while Paramount will handle the international release. Hasbro will work with the production team and DreamWorks on all aspects of the film’s creative development, marketing and promotions, and will manage merchandising in conjunction with the release of the film.

This week, DreamWorks is launching the official “Transformers” movie website ( at Comic-Con International, being held from July 13 – 17 in San Diego, California. “Transformers” will also be making its presence known in a big way, with a huge 18-wheeler truck sporting the instantly recognizable Transformers logo dominating the area around the DreamWorks booth—and much of the convention floor—letting thousands of fans know that “Transformers” is coming to the big screen on 07-04-07.

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Former MI5 Agent Says 9/11 An Inside Job
Although I usually dont delve in matters concerned with the tragedy of 9/11 I came across this article in my junk mail ( perhaps theres a reason why junk mail should be ignored). Anyhow as I understand it, the guy who made this website is quite famous as he appeared in a documentary on channel four about 9/11 and is heavily anti Bush! Hes kinda renowned for doing such things, Michael Moore's accomplice in some aspects but dont quote me on that.

Heres what it says:

Former MI5 agent David Shayler, who previously blew the whistle on the British government paying Al Qaeda $200,000 to carry out political assassinations, has gone on the record with his conviction that 9/11 was an inside job meant to bring about a permanent state of emergency in America and pave the way for the invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq and ultimately Iran and Syria.

David Shayler joined MI5 in October 1991 and worked there for five years. He started at F Branch (counter-subversion) in January 1992, and worked in T Branch (Irish terrorism) from August 1992 until October 1994. He left the organization in 1996.

Shayler appeared on The Alex Jones Show to kick off what will be a wider public campaign to educate the public on 9/11 issues and government corruption.

Shayler again risked jail by speaking out. The British government has a legal gag preventing him from speaking about his work during his MI5 tenure. Since what Shayler discussed was already on the public record (a consequence of which was his imprisonment on two separate occasions), he now feels safer in stepping back out into the limelight.

Shayler delved into his past investigations and the evidence that led some within MI5 to conclude that the Israelis bombed their own London embassy in July 1994. Shayler said that the Israelis framed two Palestinians who remain in jail to this day.

"The same thing has happened with two Palestinians who were convicted of conspiracy to cause the attack on the Israeli Embassy in Britain in 1994 but MI5 didn't disclose two documents which indicated their innocence. One document indicated another group had carried out the attack and the other document was the belief of an MI5 officer that the Israelis had actually bombed their own embassy and allowed a controlled explosion to try and get better security and these documents were never shown to the trial judge let alone the defense."

Shayler said that his suspicions were first aroused about 9/11 when the usual route of crime scene investigation was impeded when the debris was immediately seized and shipped off to China.

"It is in fact a criminal offence to interfere with a crime scene and yet in the case of 9/11 all the metal from the buildings is shipped out to China, there are no forensications done on that metal. Now that to me suggests they never wanted anybody to look at that metal because it was not going to provide the evidence they wanted to show people that it was Al-Qaeda."

Shayler then went on to dismiss the incompetence theory.

"The more I look at it, you realize that it's not incompetence. There were FBI officers all over the country, Colleen Rowley is obviously the one who managed to get a congressional hearing, but there was plenty of evidence certainly."

"There are so many questions that need to be answered, protocols being overridden within national defense, people actively being stopped from carrying out investigations. This wasn't an accident, they were aware there was intelligence indicating those kind of attacks, there were FBI intercepts saying it in the days before the attacks. When you look at it all, that is a big big intelligence picture and yet these people were crucially stopped from doing their jobs, stopped from trying to protect the American people."

Shayler elaborated by saying the evidence suggests the attack was originally meant to be much wider in scope and was an attempt at a violent coup intended to decapitate the entire government as a pretext for martial law.

"So you're looking at a situation in which you almost have a coup de'tat because you've got to bear in mind that there were weapons discovered on planes that didn't take off on 9/11. Now people have obviously postulated that they were going perhaps to attack the White House, Capitol Hill. That looks to me like an attempt to destroy American government and declare a state of emergency, in fact a coup de'tat, a violent coup de'tat."

"There are so very many questions about this and you realize again that none of the enquiries ever get to the bottom of any of these things, they don't take all the evidence, they don't often take any evidence under oath when they should be taking it under oath."

Shayler was forthright in his assertion that the attack was planned and executed within the jurisdiction of the military-industrial complex.

"They let it happen, they made it happen to create a trigger to be able to allow the invasion of Afghanistan, the invasion of Iraq and of course what they're trying to do now is the same thing with the invasion of Iran and Syria."

Shayler ended by questioning the highly suspicious nature of the collapse of the twin towers and Building 7, the first buildings in history, all in the same day, to collapse from so-called fire damage alone.

"I've seen the results of terroristic explosions and so on and no terrorist explosion has ever brought down a building. When the IRA put something like a thousands tonnes of home-made explosives in front of the Baltic Exchange building in Bishopsgate and let off the bomb, all the glass came out, the building shook a bit but there was no question about the building falling down and it doesn't obey the laws of physics for buildings to fall down in the way the World Trade Center came down. So you have the comparison of the two, Building 7 compared with the north and south towers coming down and those two things are exactly the same, they were demolished."

David Shayler joins a spate of recent credible whistleblowers who share the same sentiments about the real story behind 9/11. Former Chief Economist for the Department of Labor during President George W. Bush's first term Morgan Reynolds publicly questioned the unexplained collapse of WTC Building 7 earlier this month. In addition, a former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under President Reagan, Paul Craig Roberts, shared his concerns last week when he said the Bush Administration were making the same mistakes as the Nazis when they invaded Russia in the dead of Winter. Roberts seriously doubts the official explanation behind 9/11.

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  • Blogger Carlu* comments;

    Hi...I'm from Petite Femme's blog..
    what I wrote was:

    Today is a very special day
    How nice, how nice, how nice
    One year more with my honey-bunny. My life, my love.
    I love you with all my heart.
    Happy 2 years! I love you.

    how did you found my blog?

    you have a nice blog... so I'll be reading you.

    sorry me for my english, it's not perfect =P
    12:37 am  

  • Blogger Vinco of Stilus comments;

    Ahh so thats what it meant! I found your blog purely by chance! Youll have to translate yours every single time :(
    8:58 pm  

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Gift of Life
Well this nasheed just makes me want to strut around with a sword (or lightsabre) for some reason even though the lyrics have nothing to do with violence...on the contrary its about the blessed final Messenger of Allah sallelahu alayhi wasalam!

It is sung by Talib al Habib who was introduced to me by my cutie patootie friend Maryam! Judging from the name I initially felt he could have been 40 years old but clearly he seems youthful from that voice!

Anyway have a listen, and let me know how it makes you feel. Enjoy!

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Talib al-Habib was born in London in 1976 and grew up in Manchester, before moving to South Africa with his family for a ten year stay. It was here that he met his spiritual guide and began traversing the path of traditional Islam - the methodology of uniting the practical, intellectual and experiential facets of religion - under his instruction. He later returned to the UK in early 2002.

His distinctive style of inshad arises from a ten year childhood association with the Manchester Boy’s Choir, where he received vocal and technical training.

He began composing spiritual poetry and songs at the age of sixteen, and has continued to do so ever since. In early 2004, he was encouraged to compile a collection of English-language spiritual songs, which has culminated in ‘Songs of Innocence,’ an intensely personal journey into the experiential dimensions of Islam. He is also an author of three books of Islamic spirituality and ethics.

Talib has been a student of the sacred sciences for several years, which he pursues both through the traditional method of sitting with a shaykh, as well as through more contemporary approaches. He hopes to one day continue his studies at the classical centres of learning. Talib al-Habib is a takhallus (pen-name) meaning, ‘seeker of the beloved.’ Currently, he lives in the West Midlands, where he practises as a Medical Doctor specialising in Psychiatry. He is married with two young daughters.

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  • Anonymous Mary comments;

    Allahuma 'rzuqna murafaaqat al-auliya - Wa'j'al lana waliyyan murshida

    I'm calling out your name - Oh hear me, guiding friend....

    Ehsyyyyyyyyyy how schweet! This track really is beautiful I can see where you got the warrior thing from (you are a man after all!) Worth a listen :D beaauuutttiiifuuulllll

    Ma'salaama :D
    7:37 pm  

  • Blogger Vinco of Stilus comments;

    2 days straight and im still listening to it!
    8:59 pm  

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Orsus per iacio Diabolus sicco
In the three major monotheistic religions we know of spiritual supernatural beings. In Christianity their leaders lucifer, in Judaism their acknowledged and are warned not to consult ghosts: Lev 19:31 Not to consult ovoth (ghosts)

Which is found in the list of 613 Mitzvot, or commandments based primarily on Rambam in the Mishneh Torah.

However, both these religions have a degree of belief that is only superceded by Islam. It is an obligation in these three religions to believe in them, yet clearly we know many of the Christians and others are skeptics. Well.. I dont intend to correct their ignorance.

In Islam, we have the Jinn aka Djinn Genie. Made of smokeless fire the Jinn are capable of possession. Theyre regarded as Iblees' (the Satan cast from heaven) minions and is made of the same smokeless fire Lucifer is made from. Interestingly, Islam adds more depth as to the characterization of these beings..

Ibn Abdul Barr said, "The jinn, according to the scholars of the language, are of different types:
  1. If one is mentioning the jinn purely of themselves, the are called jinni.*
  2. If one is mentioning the jinn that live among mankind, they are called aamar whose plural is amaar.
  3. If one is mentioning the ones that antagonize the young, they are called arwaah.
  4. If one is mentioning the evil ones that antagonize humans they are called shaitan for the singular [and shayateen for plural].
  5. If they cause even more harm and become strong, they are called afreet."
There was an Arwaah in Malaysia not so long ago that has been found by the name of Idris, ( the concept of Jinns being believers and disbelievers also exists in Islam, since they have a choice of right and wrong)

See what you make of this:

For those not gifted with the Malaysian dialect, I have got this translated as to what was being performed in this excorcism.

The imaam began by reciting the Tashahhud (Declaration of Faith) and then proceeded to ask the possesed it's name. He replied "Idriss, only Idris". The imam then asked Idris to leave humans alone and never possess again, unfortunately the video cuts short when Idris leaves the girls body.

The floor is open for debate!

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  • Anonymous Mary comments;

    I haven't watched the clip... Don't think I need to... I'm already freaked out as it is and watching this is probably gonna kill me off. I'm not scared in a bad way.. but I fear the unknown (if that makes any sense!) Any one that does watch it please post :$


    The Ultimate Wuss - Mary
    7:53 pm  

  • Blogger Vinco of Stilus comments;

    I was hoping you would watch it because its something that affects us all and is very real in Islam.

    There is nothing to fear since the jinn are just like us, but have different capabilities. Unfortunately this one was a little naughty!
    8:54 pm  

  • Blogger Martyr of Islam comments;

    surprised that she didnt put up a fight with the 'allah' being prouncounced on her lips ....most cases in other faiths, they tend to either swear or throw up on any divinited names
    9:02 pm  

  • Anonymous Mary comments;

    Oki doki... I'll watch it tomorrow... with my family then. That way I can turn my head when I get scared!
    9:06 pm  

  • Blogger Vinco of Stilus comments;

    Martyr: The notion that the name of Allah compells the jinn to revolt is somewhat unproven and to my knowledge isnt logical.

    Although im no expert, its clear that jinns already know the Creator and I dont really see a reason why just one word like that would make them be angry.

    We have to keep in mind this Jinn was called "Idris" and that could mean it was just extremely ignorant and a little confused!
    9:38 pm  

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The garden of
is green without
and yields many
other than sorrow
and joy.
Love is beyond either
without spring,
without autumn,
it is always fresh.

-- Jelaluddin Rumi

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